In Year Four there are three classes;

  • 4TK – Miss Kenyon
  • 4CB – Ms Birdsall
  • 4PS – Mrs Storton
  • Miss Green and Mrs Burrows support Year 4 as teaching assistants.
  • Mrs Bridges is the PEO (pupil engagement officer) for Year 4.

PE Days

Year 4 have P.E on a Thursday.
If your child has pierced ears please make sure that earrings are taken out on a Thursday or plasters are put on to cover them.


Homework is an essential part of your child’s learning and development as it reinforces key concepts and consolidates learning that has taken place in the classroom.

Maths and Spellings will be set every Friday on Google Classroom and should be completed by the following Thursday (a printed copy is available if needed).


We would like your child to someone at home every night.  Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Friday.


Year 4 Standards

Please click here for the Year 4 Standards