• Our Nurture Facility

    Our Nurture room opened in February. This room  provides a safe, calm, dedicated and purposeful environment for our children. It allows children to build bridges and return to class ready to learn.

    Our Nurture Facility

    The Nurture room offers the following-

    Tumble time with our school therapy dog

    Our Nurture Facility

    Friendship circles to encourage social skills

    Therapeutic play to encourage turn taking, sharing and positive interaction

    Social lunchtimes to cultivate relationships, meet new friends and have fun


    The children enjoy their experiences. Here are some thoughts the children have shared:

    “Today was our first time in the Nurture room. We came to have Tumble time with our school therapy dog. It was the best time in school. It was fun and made us feel happy. We really enjoyed ourselves. We went back to class feeling GREAT! ”  2 Year 5 boys.

    “Being able to come to the Nurture room helps me to calm down if I feel angry.” Year 6 girl.

    ” I like reading to Tumble. It makes me feel happy. It has helped me with my reading.” Year 1 girl.

    ” I did some Art therapy and it is now on the wall in the Nurture room. I am proud of it.” Year 6 girl.

    Our Nurture Facility