How to Help Your Child

This page contains information that may be useful in supporting your child.

Standards –  Year 1 – Year 6

A set of standards has been created for all year groups.  Teachers use these standards to plan lessons.  For your child to reach the expected level at the end of each year they will need to meet these standards.

To see each year group standard please click the link below.

Year 1 Standards

Year 2 Standards

Year 3 Standards

Year 4 Standards

Year 5 Standards

Year 6 Standards

Termly Planner

Each year group produces a planner to provide key information for parents/carers.  This includes the staff in each year group, topics that will be taught this term, what homework will be set and important dates and events that are coming up.  Please click on the relevant year group.

Year 1 Spring 2020

Year 2 Spring 2020

Year 3 Spring 2020

Year 4 Spring 2020

Year 5 Spring 2020

Year 6 Spring 2020



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Times Tables for Year 6 SATs

Click below to see why it is important for your child to be fluent with their times tables for the year 6 SATs.

Times Tables in Year 6 SATs