Here are some suggested websites to use to support your child at home – the Year 1 team will be setting work on Tapestry for your child to complete.


Reading/Phonics – Please see the videos below for 6 of the sounds we learn in school.

You can use the Oxford Owl site to support reading and phonics.

A class log in has been created which allows 50 children to log in.  When you open Oxford Owl there is a My class login option to the top right hand side, click that and enter these details

My class name is roseacreyear1

My class password is year1.

You can then access books to read and the spelling activities.

You can also access phonics play at

Access to the site is free during the current coronavirus situation and you can use these details to log on

username : march20

password : home

This site is also good for home reading Unite for Learning


Please use Topmarks

This has a large selection of maths games and activities.

General- please click on these links

BBC Bitesize 

Science   Children’s University of Manchester